Need help with design for Christmas mead label

Hello artists! I am a humble mead brewer and I am looking for help designing the cover label on my wintery brew that I have fermenting as of this writing. I have little to no art skill let alone design talent to create a worthy piece for my bottles.

The brew is called “Khristmas inn Jotunheim” which, you guessed it, translates to Christmas in Jotunheim. It is a vanilla spiced mead that will be ready to be bottled and shared around Christmas time this year. I would love to slap on some labels and really make this batch special because I have been budgeting and just putting my brews in empty glass jars that the honey I use to make the mead was in.

An idea that I have would to have the angle of the art facing straight towards a mountain slope with Thor snowboarding down holding mighty Mjolnir with a Jotnar peaking over the mountain. SEE! I have vision just no skill making it into reality.

Please people of GDF… Help the humble mead brewer. This is your quest. I’ll see you in Valhalla!

If you are paying a designer then feel free to repost this in the Classifieds with an email where you can be contacted.

However, it almost sounds as though you are asking for free work. If so that is NOT allowed. It is against forum rules.

Closing this.