Need help with finding customer

Hello everyone! I am an Illustrator, logo and graphic designer. I creater vector and raster graphics (work on Ai and Photoshop). Ready for cooperating to create something new and unique. Can you please help me to find customer or clients? I’ve already tried some freelance websites such as UpWork and freelancer, but competitiveness is too much on that websites. Would be grateful for any kind of information.
To see my portfolio just add or type me on
Skype : ****
Telegram: ***

This thread is not long for this world as it would most likely be considered advertising given your contact links.

You are in the same boat as just about every young, inexperienced freelancer out there. They all need clients. No one here is gonna send anything your way, especially not without an online portfolio to review. Besides, your post grammar is very poor. Shows lack of attention to detail.

You are literally describing the whole industry.

Welcome Aboard. I removed your contact information. We have a classified section that you can check out. That’s about all we offer in the realm of finding you clients. That requires leg work on your part. I suggest checking around at your local businesses and local papers. Online seems to be the main go to these days … but the old fashioned ways of looking for work can still produce some good results too :wink:

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