Need help with new features for UX/UI logistics ap

Hi guys, I’m a graphic design student currently learning UX/UI design. The teacher asked me to come up with entirely new and unique features, which can compete with the logistic apps on the market today. Can you guys please give me some ideas or hints?

I am Vietnamese, and every time the parcel is delivered, the shipper will call us and they only deliver during office hours, which is pretty annoying. I’ve came up with features for getting notifications instead of taking calls and picking locations and setting times that are suitable for introverts and busy people. Besides I even provide membership and redemption features, like every time you have enough points you can freely choose incentives or contribute to charity funds, but teachers seem to find it relatively trivial.

Thank you for reading this post!


You’d need to know the market and do a lot of research first, you’d also need knowledge of the industry and market trends.

What about AR?
One thing that helped us buying a new dining table was that they were able to show us an AR from the phone that you point your phone at the area the table is being put and it shows you the real size and position - to ensure you like the size, poisition and it’s not too big. - AR images of the piece - perhaps for people living in apartments to see if it fits through doors, into elevators etc.

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