Need help with this logo, what can I do to improve

No idea. What’s this ?

You gotta give us more info.

Is the big blue box part of the logo or the organization’s visual branding? If not why is it there, and why did you place a tiny logo in the middle of it?

In addition, logos aren’t art objects that can be judged by looks alone. They need to be appropriate for the organization they represent. Since we know nothing about that organization, there’s no way to judge the appropriateness of the logo.

I suspect this is crowdsourcing work for an online contest.



Take away the small purple triangle thing and the graphic below it and add an E

It’s not a bad design but you gave absolutely no context here… and some of the elements to it make little sense. I mean why a WI if its Winston Enterprise?

The OP has never come back.

Closing this.

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