Need help with upgrading my setup


I am a 16 y/o and currently using PhotoShop on 16:9 monitor.

Heard that 21:9 monitors are better when using creative softwares so I have done some research and came across this giveaway: where they are giving away lg’s 34" & 38" 21:9 monitors.

I am planning to participate but would like to know if 34" would be big enough.

Also, 34" is a 5K and 38" is a 4K.

Which would be better?

34" 5K vs. 38" 4K?

Need help!

16, and looking at $1500 monitors? More power to you.

Honestly, I think ti really comes down to personal preference. I remember reading something online about some designers who actually preferred not using a dual monitor setup because it was less focused. Now, I know that a dual monitor setup is different, but a wider monitor may be a similar issue.

And at 16 you most likely have not yet truly determined your “path” yet. Do you know what sort of creative you ware truly wanting to do? You mention using PhotoShop, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg, the “starter drug” into the creative field if you will.

If you truly are going to pursue design, you could branch into illustration, web design, video editing, heck 3_d modeling, design for VR, etc. and while I don’t think having a wider monitor will hurt, at the moment if I were in your shoes, I’d be researching the heck out of what I wanted to pursue, and then look into how best to achieve that goal, which TBH would generally involve college/university plans.

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Unless you have some major video editing jobs lined up, save yourself the processing power and pass on the 4k/5k displays.

My office primarily works in photoshop/illustrator/indesign and use these 1440p:

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I’d go for widescreen simply to accommodate all those pesky floating pallettes. They always end up at the sides, never at the top / bottom so you need more room at the sides.

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