Need ideas for background

Hi guys ! I am working on this illustration and I finished the foreground and dude the rock. The problem is that I have NO ideas what to do in the background . This is a header for my portfolio of graphic and UI designer so I want something that represents designing and coding at the same time . So far I tried some people constructed from coding fighting logos and things but it didn’t reallt cut it because the perspective was off.

How about a series of 1s and 0s like you in movies to represent high tech. Maybe that’s too cliche.

I want something with depth. The bg will be the main img of the site and the caracter will get smaller and bigger deepening on the screen size

You could add 3d diagrammatic lines and fade the background as if it were being programmed in by the figure. You know, like old vector 3d elevation maps?

You could even turn it into a gif and make the background fade into being…

not bad , Ill try that . Hope I can make it haha

lol, yeah, it’s a bit of a monster to build.

Already gave up on that hahah

maybe just add some textures.

One cool simple effect:

  1. take some vector element of plants or leaves (or anything else).
  2. color it the same as the background
  3. Add a small drop shadow.
    That way the elements are the same color but the drop shadow creates some depth.

Another easy trick is in photoshop. (this is old old school)

  1. new layer
  2. Sample 2 colors (light and dark) from your art and create a gradient across the entire document.
  3. Filter - Render - Difference clouds - keep doing this step until you get a nice pattern you like
  4. Use some heavy blur filters until it no longer looks like clouds
  5. Add noise (many techniques)

I already finished


That’s incredible.


Very nice. You have a focal point on the left though caused by overlapping empty space (where the pink angles down over the red. I’d add another hole clipping off the edge in the ruddy purple red “ground” left side. That will balance the design better. Real nice work though!

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