Need illustrator help with 3D logo


Im trying to figure out a simple way to create a logo using this 3D style:

I can do the lines manually but looking for maybe a better way

Thank you!

Or, easier?
You won’t get a result comparable to your example with an easy-button plugin, and surely not with Illustrator’s Bevel & Extrude “3D” effect.
Make the warp on the text first. That will be hard enough using Envelope Distort. Then make the extrusions manually. May be just my opinion, but it’s the only way to get full control and a clean result.

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The example you show is rather amateurish to start with.
After you get the correct warp, you could possibly do this with bevelextrude if you just do it in black and don’t let the program do any lighting angle shading. You will still have to expand the artwork, and manually add in the fan lines. There is no easy button for this.

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Even if there is no push button solution, it’s not a super difficult effect to achieve. Set your type, envelope distort to get the look you’re after, set a common point for all of the lines, draw the first line, copy / paste / adjust to create all of the lines, and, finally, create and fill the shadow area.


Aldus Type Twister! :rofl:

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I thought that theres an easier way and more precice that in missing. but i guess ill do the lines manually after all.


Hi, Thanks for the help!
That a good way to do it. ill try it

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