Need motivation from another designer

I need an opinion as a beginner who just started joining the crowdsourcing system

Often I don’t feel confident about my design, because seeing other people’s work looks better

I started this since a month ago without anything I won but I did get a lot of knowledge just by following and implementing it myself

Anyone, is there something similar to me that starts self-taught as a designer, can you share tips on developing design skills

Self taught here too. Just keep doing stuff. It doesn’t have to be for a client. Find something you like the look of and figure out how to do it. Practice techniques and develop your skills. You will improve and with that comes the confidence you need. Keep learning and developing your skills. Technology changes so there is always something new to learn. That’s a good thing, BTW :slight_smile:

StudioMonkey got into this years ago when it was possible to still get work with a good portfolio.

If you are in the USA, and if you plan to do this for a living, I’d highly suggest:

  1. changing your career path to something other than flat graphic design
  2. getting credentialed in some fashion. Unfortunately in the last 10 years Graphic Design has become one of those careers where 4 years of College (BA degree level) and 2 years of real world experience are considered only entry level. You can see the catch in that statement.
    If you aren’t in the USA, your mileage will vary, being self-taught.

Far more goes into graphic design than making pretty pictures that “look better.” Sometimes a “pretty picture” isn’t what the client needs to sell their message. There’s a lot more theory behind it and more mechanics to the background of the file preparation.

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