Need Portfolio Advice!

Hi guys!
I am deciding to upload my portfolio on different graphic design platforms e.g dribbble, behance and artstation, but I am a bit confused. Do I upload the same artwork everywhere? Or do I need to make different portfolios for all these different sites?

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That’s your own personal choice. But I wouldn’t want to confuse people thinking it was different accounts but the same name.

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I don’t do this for a living but, wouldn’t it be better to have a portfolio site in one place under your own domain, and any other social media pointing to it rather than duplicating all the content? At least that’s how we do it here.

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First of all, as a designer, it’s always better to have a separate, stand-alone website as your portfolio site as you will have more freedom arranging, writing, and presenting your works. Platforms such as Dribbble, Behance, ArtStation will conform you to certain types of information and representation styles.

Now, regarding which works to be upload to which platform. It’s very important for you to try and find out what type of audience are on each of these platforms. Dribbble is, in a sense, similar to Twitter in that the shots uploaded there are very short (only 1 photo per shot if your account is a free one, and 8 shots for pro accounts). In addition, while there are different types of works being posted on Dribbble, the site is heavily oriented toward UI/UX designers (these days). As a result, it’s not really suitable to use Dribbble as an alternative for your portfolio.

ArtStation, on the other hand, is heavily geared toward concept artists, game artists, etc. In general, you can’t find that many general graphic designers on the site. As a result, your audiences will also only expect to see some of your concept arts posted on this site (no one will bother looking at your graphic design work). If you are a graphic designer and not an artist, ArtStation isn’t a suitable choice.

Lastly, Behance is generally the choice for designers and illustrators. However, the site is a very competitive platform and many professional agencies and companies are also posting here. If you are considering choosing Behance for your portfolio site, you need to pay attention to how projects should be presented to maximize your efficiency.

So, long answer short: It’s in general a better choice to create your own portfolio site. If you want to promote your works to other audiences, you need to first identify your potential audience and upload the corresponding artworks that will cater to the identified audience. UI/UX Designers for Dribbble, Concept Artists/Digital Artists/Game Artists for ArtStation, and Designers/Illustrators for Behance.

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Yes, this is what I’m planning to do too now, thank you!

Thank you so much! This was so helpful.
All in all, I should not upload my work on all other accounts, but keep these as inspirations. Or upload the kind of work in sync with the styles of each of these platforms.
But I do have a problem regarding this too. Since I am new to the world of graphic design at the moment, and I want it to be a source of income for me. Is it appropriate to upload it on a site which is saturated with talent already? How will I find recognition?
I know I’m pushing it but I feel like a very confused duck in a world of professionals :3

In general, portfolios are served as a communication tool, like a menu in a restaurant, to show your potential clients (or employers) what value you can offer them with. It’s just a gateway to connect you with your clients/employers and couldn’t really generate income by itself. As a result, no matter which platform you are looking to upload your works to, you’ll have to work on promoting them (similar to how you need to promote your restaurant to attract customers). Connect your portfolio and pieces to your social pages like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and work on increasing the number of your followers with your works. Fascinated followers will click on your portfolio to take a closer look at what you have to offer. Alternatively, you can promote yourself by writing posts, making tutorials, etc. and attach your portfolio or an access link to your profile. If you are on Behance, try to create inventive and high-quality works and aim for getting featured by curated teams. It’s difficult, but if you can get featured, you’ll get an instant spike in popularity.
It’s a hard and bumpy road, but you’ll see the results after continuous efforts.
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Will do so. Thank you!

We do post current work and fun stuff on the social media sites, but the main portfolio site is a company-owned domain.

Oh Alright, so the informal stuff goes on other sites to keep our followers engaged.

Ya but too, we are well-established and sorta kinda one-of-a-very-few at what we do.
Tailor your media campaign accordingly.
And like I said, I don’t do the web marketing where I work. Wouldn’t touch it with a 40’ pole.
others here are more legit than me.

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You might have a misunderstanding about that. There won’t be that many potential clients who just stumble across your online portfolio and decide to hire you no matter where it’s at.

Your online portfolio isn’t so much an advertisement that, by itself, will bring in lots of business. Instead, it’s a place where people can look at your work once they already know about you. For example, if you apply for or bid on a job, it’s a place for them to see your work. Another example might be when a satisfied client tells a business acquaintance about you and that person wants to find out more about you before actually contacting you.

A lot of it boils down to cross promotion. Your online portfolio needs to be part of a bigger effort that involves contacting people, looking for work, reaching out to companies, building up a social media presence, getting recommendations from satisfied clients and having them say good things about you to other potential clients. In other words, you need to think of your online portfolio as a component in an integrated marketing strategy that will take time to blossom and bear fruit.


This answers so many questions I had, thank you!

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