Need suggestions - Images creation tools for a responsive website?

I am looking for tools for creating images for a responsive website ?

Please share your experiences …

Perhaps I missunderstand what you are asking. You use the same tools you would for “creating” any image. Just because they are going on a responsive website does not change them in any way. Unless you are talking about something like this link That project’s goal is to deliver different size images based on device resolution.
Even then the tools you use to “create” those images would be the same.

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I understand what do you want to explain…Actually I am little bit confused that, is there any tool to create images which are best suitable for any device.

There seems to be a translation problem, so it’s difficult to understand your question.

I use Photoshop for everything having to do with raster images on websites. There are also various plugins for content management systems, like Wordpress, that automatically take large images prepared for wide browser windows, then scale them down to various sizes to be served to devices with narrower browser windows. I don’t know of any stand-alone tool that will do that.

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