Need to improve landing pages with some creative design

Hi all, i want to improve design of my landing pages. I have not a lot of time to work on that web because i have to work for clients. I need to improve these landing pages (webdesign services)

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I have spend a lot of time with portfolio and text, and i want to improve these websites with some creative graphics. We are small graphic and webdesign studio from Prague Czech Republic. Web is still not complete and we are working on it. We just need inspiration how to design these sites for better look for users.

Thank you for critic, links or tips Jan

You are a design firm, which assumes you have a marketing budget.
Are you looking to hire someone to do your work for you?
I don’t think kindly about a creative design services company that A. can’t budget time well enough to do their own site, and B. can’t come up with the inspiration needed to do it.

Of course, this could just be a spammy way of spamming spam.


All those links have been removed. If you have a specific question on a certain header feel free to post a screenshot in the Crit Pit.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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