Need your help / advice

Hey guys, :wave:t3: I need your help/advice.
I’ve been invited to an interview with an art director as a graphic designer (full-time job).
I was asked to do a home test to prove my skills and move forward in the process.
During the test, I asked the necessary questions about the project and sent my results back to them in-time (including the whole process from sketches and wireframes to the final product).
The next day I had a phone call from their HR director to tell me that they want to schedule an interview with their CEO.
During my meeting with their CEO, I thought I was in a middle of a firing range, he tried to prove me my test wasn’t made by me and it has tons of issues with font sizes, colors. He told me that my test was kinda ‘amateur’ for their studio.
He asked me to send him my previous assignments from previous interviews and told me he would definitely contact me and might send me another test.
Also, he included that they might send me to a Ui&Ux course.

I’m a little confused by this situation since it’s not a regular one and I’m not sure what to do :frowning:

Thank you very much, I appreciate your time!

Can’t read the test parameters.

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