Need your kind suggestion on my hiring posters

Here I am sharing the poster link.
I am more focusing on social media Poster design.
But I am not able to understand if I am in right direction or not.
It requires some expert guidance. Kindly check, your opinion will be valuable for me.

The work you’ve linked to is very nice. I could point to a few things I would change, but I generally like what I see.

The most consistent problem isn’t graphic design — it’s the writing. The poster is in English, but it’s not your native language. The writing in the posters is understandable, but there are grammatical mistakes and awkward phrasings. Those mistakes will be readily apparent if you design the posters for an English-speaking audience.

I don’t know if you wrote the text in the posters or obtained it from someone else. An English grammar-checking software — Grammarly, for example — could help catch these mistakes.

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First and foremost, I want to thank you for your time in reviewing the works. Yes, I agree that I am not very good at writing content and coming up with interesting titles or subtitles. There are moments when I struggle to think of creative headlines or ideas that fit the poster’s specifications or requirements.