Need your opinion!

I work for stock photography studio. To make more useful content would like to hear some feedback on what you buy at micro stock agencies, what problems do u face while choosing photos. If u r ready to help, let me know! Thanx a lot!

How about some more of the totally fake, high-diversity-count images for use where the designer can’t figure out their customer demographic (or is too afraid of inadvertently excluding someone.)

Image sourcing is project specific. There are no real trends to speak of. If something isn’t available via stock, we hire a photographer to go shoot it. If it can’t be photographed, we hire an illustrator to illustrate it.

The biggest problem I have with stock companies is them not vetting their content, or their contributors. If I wanted amateur quality, I’d do it myself.

The other big problem is misrepresentation of resolution quality. I’ve had to ask for refunds for crap re-interpolations more this year than in all the previous 20 years I’ve been doing this combined.

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I love when i see the same telemarketer or call to action model on 15 or more websites pleading how 24/7 their company is.
also useful content does not have grammar shortcuts or missed words.
U need 2 revise ur post

Heh, this reminded me no matter how many times I’ve seen “ur” it simply won’t register as “your”. My brain reads the letters U and R and refuses to interpret it any other way.

I used to freelance as a photographer for insurance claims, real estate and for some website cheaper than a stock photos subscription. most clients are not in business or think its easier to download a photo. 1client told me years ago that people like seeing the same model, so he stopped using my services.
!'m just so tired of this lazy cut and paste world that has infested the media platforms.
im really stunned about Parasite winning the Oscar because the story, scenes and lingo are original, or the fact that Hollywood really hates MAGA ?

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I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t bother to respond to posters who haven’t taken the time to spell out their words. A quick text message on a phone is one thing, but here, it’s just annoying.

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I’m worse. I cannot do people a favor unless it’s a favour.

When uploading images to stock sites, give different crop options. Zoomed out versions with clear/white space for text. I find that sometimes images are cropped too tightly to be useful in a layout. Let the designer do the cropping.


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