Needed design help


Im looking for more information on this graphic. If someone could help me out in telling me that this graphic is called or where i could get something like this designed. I want the topic graphic on the right that allows you to go through topics as you talk about them in a show type format. Im sure i didnt explain that very well but if anyone can help i would appreciate it.


This is “broadcast.” It’s done as part of the video feed.
What is the application you want to use it for?

Youtube video series. Is the graphic called a broadcast?

No, the thing on the right isn’t called broadcast.
It’s done with a split screen. Not sure what software is used.
Maybe B can help you out.

There’s various jargon for this kind of thing, like lower thirds and chyron. However, if you look into this stuff, you’ll find that broadcast news programs, use very specialized hardware and software that integrates tightly with their very specialized broadcast needs. In other words, lots of money is involved for things that probably do not match up all that well with what you need for a YouTube channel.

I don’t know anything about what you’re doing with YouTube, but the most straight-forward and cost-effective way to create this kind of thing might be in using a combination of Adobe Premiere and AfterEffects.


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