Neon logo

A logo for what?
What does it have to do with neon?
Why did you make it?
Why did you post it?

It has a lot of uncomfortable mixes of light sources, shadows, inconsistent vanishing points, contorted shapes and spacing.

You’ve given no context. I can’t give you any feedback. Other than this looks nothing like a neon sign… if that is what you were going for. But, I don’t know lol :smiley:

It’s sort of neat with a faux 3D effect going on. the Tail of the last N makes me think this could be made into a animal :smiley: This inspires me for something to be done similarly in the future…

If you could make the letters be more focused upon and have the 3D effect separated from the main letters themselves so if you couldn’t have gradients displayed, you’d still know it says NEON. I can see it if I squint, but it’d be more pleasant to the eye if the letters were all on the same… horizon? anyhow, neat.



Design is not bad, but it can be customize like neon light type. Here can be add black color with green shade like amd logo.

I was thinking your logo reminded me of something… i think it is reminding me of a mix of the firefox logo and finding nemo:


lol harsh, but true.

Artistically, this is very rough and if I received it for printing I’d send it back to clean it up. But hey that’s OK. That’s part of learning. Conceptually, the problem I’m having is that I don’t feel the look of the design screams “Neon”. The blocks of text are HEAVY. Neon is basically weightless. So you’re missing your mark here.

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If I received this for printing, I’d print it. It’s not up to me to critique a print client’s work. Not on a bet.


see good… but i dont know wht u think about the words"neon" well …neon is that i know is a light
but why the colour is gray… more better if u choose bright colour

The OP hasn’t been back to the forum since they posted this. No need for further discussion since there is no background information at all.

If the OP comes back they can post in the Crit Pit with the information we have provided :slight_smile:

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