New Adobe log in

I just spent about 15 minutes fighting with Adobe software over their new log-in thing. They logged me out to tell me I could now log in with Apple ID. The interface was too vague for my attention span this evening. The top line where you put in your email said it was for a new account. Or you could log in with Apple, Facesplat, or some other thing I didn’t pay any attention to cuz I wanted none of them. Ended up locking out my password cuz naturally that’s how that goes.

I want my onboard software back. Done with these interruptions, messages, literal ads for crap etc.


Everything logged in as normal for me today on Mac and windows.

I know what you mean, I hate having so many apps all in the cloud all with various passwords and security features, perhaps it’s the future and I just need to adapt, but I miss the good ole’ days when everything was on my local machine except an e-mail address!

Ah yes - it’s all in the cloud - so there’s security checks go on in the background that might reforce a login - as far as I’m aware it’s a sub programme with Adobe CC called genuine service

You can uninstall it

I don’t know if it’s related to this.
But sounds familiar.

It’s more to do with signing up through Apple as a means to hide your email address and web tracking.
Hide your email? From Adobe?
Anyway, I’m sure it was more some kind of security logout, just the interface was really stupidly worded (couldn’t be the stupid part was the one between chair and keyboard.) Considering some of the error messages Adobe gives, I’m guessing English is sometimes not the writer’s first language.

Hmmm…is that true for ALL apps when using your Apple ID? I didn’t know logging in to any app with my Apple ID did that.

So it’s a new apple login?