New Best Buy logo

"For the first time in almost three decades, we’ve updated our logo. It’s now more modern and easier to read, especially in today’s digital world.

“Best Buy” still appears in bold, black font, but now it resides outside of our signature yellow tag. The tag serves as graphic punctuation and a visual connection to our history."

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What do you think?

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I think I see an awful lot of missed opportunities to improve the relative positioning of elements.

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It looks like they put the tag on there as an afterthought. The original logo, with Best Buy in the tag made a heck of a lot more sense, implying the price on the tag was indeed the best buy. This tag, if it were lost, wouldn’t be missed. And it draws the eyes away from the name of the store, on that particular background. Wonder what it does on the side of an EIFS or brick building exterior?
It’s also gone from a box sign to a bunch of individual letters on a raceway (rail that holds the electrics for interior lit letters.) Price tag for that just went UP.


I wonder if they’ll change their signs soon. I was driving down the interstate through Louisiana a few days ago looking for food, and off in the distance I saw a small silhouette of a sign before I could make out anything else in the town. No McDonalds arches or gas station signs- Just a giant price tag in the distance. From just the shape alone, I could tell it was Best Buy- and any town that had a Best Buy was bound to have food of some sort. So I prepared to exit the interstate and headed in that direction. While I didn’t stop at Best Buy (and rarely ever do) I think their old logo/signage was a great indicator of civilization.

So I wonder if they’ll just plaster it on a giant square block.

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I’ve noticed they’ve been closing some stores recently. It’s weird that they would invest in a logo redesign now but maybe this is their last ditch effort to stay relevant.

To me the logo is just okay. It’s trendy like most company logo redesigns I’ve seen in recent years (taco bell, mastercard, etc.) The bold, simplified look, I’m just getting bored of it now.

More modern, maybe, but despite it not having the tag around it, I think it’s slightly less easy to read. The bright yellow tag was recognizable enough to communicate the name before the typography was even read. Now it’s not much more than tightly kerned generic sans-serif type.

As for “today’s digital world,” I see nothing about the new configuration that makes it any more appropriate for the “digital world” than the previous logo.

I’ve always found them to be the most expensive option. Maybe that’s why…

I don’t get why some of these large companies are “updating” their logos. They’re squandering years of brand recognition.

I could see it if there’s a major change in their product, large enough that the existing logo no longer applies.

But if that’s not the case, why fix it if it ain’t broke? It’s a huge expense, and for what?

Ok, that was funny!

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I almost choked on my Tea! lmaoooooo :smiley: :smiley:

Bravo :smiley:

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I saw this and was expecting something more Amazon.

The train totally looks like an afterthought.

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