New computer for graphic designer

full-time graphic designer here. my supervisor wants me to order a new computer for myself by tomorrow! i use a pc/windows desktop, and want to continue with that style.

i don’t know anything about the inside of computers…so i have no clue what to order!! just fast, fast, fast processor, drive and graphics card, and big, big, big RAM and storage. he wants me to find this on amazon and send him a link.

anyone have any advice or know of a computer at amazon that i can upgrade to? the budget is $2,000…


What type of graphic design mainly? Print, web, video, animation, digital, social media, editing photos, typesetting books, magazine design etc?

Where in the world are you, which Amazon site is best to look at?

Do you have monitor, keyboard etc?
Would a laptop be an option or a full desktop PC?

Typically a decent processor
32gb ram
Mid Range graphics card
Lots of storage and backup storage

If you look at 32gb ram you’ll likely narrow it down to the rest nearly straight away.

Let us know as much info as you can

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i work the seattle area, so good access to amazon here locally. I do 90% print design (magazines, ads, direct mail, multi-page layouts, mailers, large banners, signs, etc), but also some digital (basic web, social media graphics) and a lot of photo editing. no video or animation. I use indesign, photoshop, and illustrator for the majority of the work I do.

I have a great monitor, keyboard, & mouse, so just the computer itself is what I’m looking to buy. I don’t want a laptop at this point, would rather have a tower.

I just don’t know much about graphics cards or drive types or any of the components inside the computer… I just know I want a lot of speed and a lot of RAM, storage, etc. most of my projects get saved to the cloud, but having a good amount of storage and RAM seems to help computer run better and faster.

thank you so much, @Smurf2 … any specifics you could share on the basic components for a kickin’ computer would be awesome. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

I was looking at this one, which says it has a wired keyboard and mouse, but it also has bluetooth so would my current bluetooth keyboard and mouse work? or would I be limited to a wired keyboard and mouse?

First of all - that looks pretty good!

So that one is denoted with the processor being KF
K being unlocked
and F means it has no integrated graphics card.

Which means - all the graphics are processed through a dedicated graphics card - which you have.
But if that was to be faulty - there’s no backup graphics card.

That’s the main issue - is it a big deal… I don’t know

You could probably dial back to 32gb RAM should be plenty for what you’re doing - but absolutely futureproof it with 64gb.
Remember - if you dial back a bit on the RAM to 32gb - you can always add more RAM later (usually in a desktop it’s easy enough).

If you did that and found a similiar processor that has an integrated graphics card - then that might give you that extra bit of graphic help if something didn’t go right.

Overall - it’s an excellent computer.


thank you so much!! you’ve been super-helpful, @Smurf2 !

i’m communicating with my IT team on this one, so hopefully if the graphics card is an issue, they can help me find one that is comparable…

Graphics card is fine

Processor has no integrated graphics card.

It’s not a huge deal.

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As @Smurf2 says, it’s an excellent find. With your workflow, CPU, storage and RAM are going to be more important than the graphics card, but what you have there is a strong option across the board. The CPU not having built-in graphics as a backup isn’t a deal-breaker. Best thing about a desktop PC vs laptop is more parts of it are able to be upgraded over time, if needed.

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thank everyone! i’m excited, although like a new phone, it always takes so long to get a new computer all set up…oh well, there are worse problems…lol!

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