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Hey guys,

I’m new to graphic design… currently attending college to study. Other than doing my school projects, what is a good way to practice and to become more conformable with illustrator/photoshop? Do you think copying design tutorial videos on Youtube will help?

PS feel free to link useful resources that you think may help me :slight_smile:


in youtube very photoshop tutorial available but i can suggest you udemy course

Get a part time job.
That way you will have at least part of the 2-years experience needed to get an entry level job.
And add InDesign to your studies. No InDesign. No job.

(This looks suspiciously like a self reply to advertise a website. Just sayin’…)

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PrintDriver is right. InDesign is the linchpin from pretty design to producing your art. Not to mention Adobe’s ONLY key to layout and print media design. Of my 13 years in the field, InDesign is my most used piece of software by a landslide.


I have taken an inDesign class… though I wasn’t a huge fan on it. I should probably keep practicing it. I just like using illustrator more.

I wish I could get a part time job but I already have a fulltime job plus school. I don’t think ill be able to get a part time and afford college/bills :frowning:

I’m not a huge InDesign fan either, but it’s an essential component in the CC group. It’s perfect for multi-page projects and for gluing various things together, but whenever I can get away with it, I’ll use Illustrator instead. Between Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign, I use InDesign the least. The mix probably depends on the kinds of jobs a designer works on, though.

As for practicing, everyone learns differently. I learn best by just jumping in and figuring things out. Others learn best in structured classes, working through tutorials or watching videos.

YouTube videos can be really hit-and-miss. If you can find some good ones, great. Much better, professionally done tutorial videos can be found on, and, but they cost money. Sometimes, these sites offer some good discounts for students or free trial periods.

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Thanks for the insight! I’ll check out Lynda. I get it for free from my employer, but I never really took the time to look into it.

What I do is carry a notebook on me at all times and whenever I think of a somewhat clever or interesting statement, I write it down in the book to be reworked into a slogan that can be turned into a design. I also sometimes just sketch some simple shapes and images and later on review them and see if any of them can be combined or turned into a design. Then I take everything from the notebook and when I have some time to sit and work on personal projects I try to take an idea and work on it for awhile. This practice has been incredibly beneficial and I’d also recommend looking through the Crit Pit on this site to see what people think of certain designs. Hope that helps, I realize its a bit long winded.

Even though they are out of print I always tell people to find an old “Adobe Classroom in a book” book for the program they are learning. Each chapter basically goes through one tool’s varying processes. They’re very much like a series of tutorials but you can find one with a disk for about $5 online.

Nowadays people will look at you funny if you hand them a “disk.” A lot of computers these days have no slot in which to put one.

UPDATE: The Adobe Classroom in a Book series is still going. For anyone who has the programs and just needs to learn how to use the tools, I find these the best starting point for new designers.

Print Driver: The disk has been replaced with a downloadable series of lessons.

I think that graphic design tutorials are a fantastic resource and have even tried to put out a few tutorials myself to help up and coming graphic designers get inspired, gain confidence and learn at the same time. I went to a traditional art school got the fancy piece of paper with my name on it and right after that the tuition bill lol. I think both self taught designers and college taught designers both have a valuable contribution to make to the creative community you just have to travel the best path that works for you!

Graphic Design is a way of earning. It’s also a way of learning the color of nature. be passionate
it will be the great way of success in your life.

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