New Desktop Advice, Please

Hello guys!

I am a student studying Graphic Design. I am also working as a freelancer.

The laptop I have been using is getting old and slow so I am looking to get a desktop but I don’t really know much about computers. As a student, I am on a budget and I am also looking at windows.

Does anyone have any advice? It’s more the technical side of things.

I’m looking at getting my desktop built.

Thank you :smiley:

This has been asked repeatedly.

32 gig ram. 64 if you can afford it.

As fast a processor as you can afford

A decent video card. If you plan to use the machine for gaming, that level of graphics card is adequate.

At least 500gig hard drive. Just don’t fill it up with crap. You need to keep at least 1/3 of it freed up for scratch space. Adobewares are all scratch hogs. The larger the hard drive, the more you lose when it crashes.

Automatic outboard backup. As a freelancer, you cannot afford to lose client files. Though freelancing while still a student borders on fraud IMO.


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