New 'feature' copy and paste Adobe Apps

Thought I’d share this with the latest update to the Adobe apps.

brings you the ability to Copy and Paste content from Adobe products like Illustrator, Photoshop, and Acrobat into the most recent version of InDesign. Additionally, you can include graphic file types like EPS, BMP, PNG, and others in your InDesign project.

Watch this video for a description of the before and after “Copy-Paste” functionality

ID F Final.gifexpand image

Steps to Follow

  • Copy-paste the styled text from Illustrator and Paste it into InDesign.
  • The nudge option will appear as soon as you paste the text.
  • You can toggle between the text only and text with formatting as per your requirement.

Points to Remember

  • Ensure that you have the latest version of Illustrator (version 27.0) and InDesign (version 18.0).
  • Under Preferences, ensure to check the All Information (Index Markers, Swatches, Styles, etc.) option to paste with formatting by default.

Please update InDesign to the latest version by following these steps. For more details on this feature, Check this article.

Share your opinions here about how you found this new functionality.


Didn’t that work before?

I seem to have already forgotten what working with Adobe was like.

My transition to Affinity was pretty complete three years ago.

That’s great Joe.

Yeh it kinda worked before. But it makes it a lot more seemless and a bit more robust.

Sorry this was a complete copy and paste, not my words ha ha

I’ll have to check this out. Copy paste where images should be linked never worked in InDesign before. Pasted images didn’t even show up in the links palette in InDesign. Our policy has been to bounce files like that. If there are images but no links, that’s a phone call to politely say “Do better.”

No wait, that was drag and drop images. Wonder if this fixes that or not. Will have to check. I just did the updates yesterday but haven’t had time to see what’s broken.

The Adobe forums are awash with issues already… going to be a slog of a few days over there.