New guy needs some help with app icon

Hi there. Im more than pleased to join this forum. Im new to this field. trying to learn. i feel out of inspiration all the time. I dont want to waste your time so i ll jump directly to my current problem [sorry english is not my native language]
SO. i have this project [NO JOB, its uni project] where i have to create an app icon for a 5x5 football courts app. [not sure if it exists outside europe so i ll just explain quickly. its an app where you can connect and book your own 5x5 football court so you can go play w your mates]
realy problem starts project is due to next Monday and i ve done absolutely nothing. What is a good idea for this app? what should i pay attention too? i know it doesnt need a lot of details but half the stuff i imagine adding, i cant do… im so frustrated

Done any research?

Start there. Look at what’s already on the market and figure out how you can differentiate yourself.

can you help me with the demensions?
i know my post sounds like all over the place. im just so anxious rn. lol
I just feel like everyone is too good and theres no actually place for me to learn bc everyone wants the knowledge to be already there. None wants to help

Is 512px x 512px good for android?

512 x 512 pixels is the standard size.

Sometimes Google is your best friend.

google is my bf but still its not an experienced human being. also sometimes the info on the internet is way toooo much. sorry if i annoyed you or wasted your time

Oh, I didn’t mean to come across as annoyed or implying that you wasted my time. I was just saying how easily I found the information and more that might help you. As you mentioned, sometimes it doesn’t work quite that way.

Good luck with the icon. Feel free to post your icon ideas here to get people’s opinions if you’d like to.