New idea for a digital clock

“Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small unregarded sun. Orbiting this at a distance of roughly ninety two million miles away is an utterly insignificant little blue green planet whose ape like descendants are so backward they still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea.” The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

In mitigation (sort of) :-


Do you know how hard I had to think, to realize that said “3:11”?

Hmmm…I’dve said 2:55.

Or is it 3:55? Even worse.

Naw, by that time the little hand is effectively on the 4. But then I’m ape like, and so backward.

lmao 11:15 flashed through my addled brain :wink:

it is hard to find right immediately, but I’ll say it is 3:00

If the big hand were on the 12, I might agree with you. But it’s on the 11.

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