New Kinder Kiddles

I am so Happy with All I’ve Learned Here! Thank You So Much for your Guidance! I can’t seem to stop creating… I have worked to put together a group of Kinder Readers. Next I will work on a few Christmas Kids! I am using them in my classroom a bit but other than that I have No idea what I will do with them. Maybe post on a teacher site but it will take a lot of time to gather any costumers Maybe some day. Anyway, thought I would share what I have been up to. A couple little quirks have shown up in my illustrations. They will all have a K on the image and also a little loose string to find. :slight_smile:


Hey KK!! Welcome back! These little gems are beyond adorable!

I really enjoy seeing all your new creations. I love that they will all have a little calling card as well. So sweet! Well done and Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree:

These are very sweet. Very nice work!
I’m sure these could qualify as rights managed stock (which would garner a better return than standard royalty free stock.) Also I could see these easily being perfect for educational museum use or other kid-focused spaces beyond the classroom
Have a Merry Christmas!

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Well done KK (No not RKK the queen)!

If I am nitpicking, it would be the top kid and the drumstick held in his left hand.

I enjoy them very much, other than that.

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Perfect for the classroom and school environments. Very nice work.

Thank You for the extra “eyes” Just what I needed!! Might change his boots, too.

They are nicely done, but there is one little thing that sticks out for me. They all have the same smile. The same line – albeit, one or two flipped. I’d suggest varying them a bit. Same eyes and noses, you’ll get away with, but the mouths stand out in their similarity for me. Other than that; good job.

Thank You and Will Do ! Have often pondered different faces, but at the same time trying to keep simple and avoid open mouth/teeth.
And again, I am grateful for All your help and guidance!

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