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Can someone please help me? I am about to purchase a new laptop, I have my eye on the surface pro 7 from Microsoft, I want the ability to sketch some designs, does anyone know if this would be a good option? What specs will I need to run coreldraw and photoshop seemlessly? Is there a better 2in1 laptop for what I need it for? Any help would be much appreciated!!
Thanks in advance!

Can I have more information on what you would use it for? More gaming with drawing etc.

The Surface Pros hold the best rating for tablet-based systems for drawing that’s not a separate graphics tablet. They seem to have the most pressure points and decent RAM. You may want to upgrade to 16GB of RAM if they offer it to help your multitasking.

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It will be predominantly just used for my graphic design, I use Coreldraw and photoshop, I like the ability of being able to sketch some designs at my convenience. Previous laptops I’ve had have been struggling under the pressure of working with designs I’ve been doing and I definitely don’t want this issue again. Will also be some light internet browsing. Is surface pro 7 good enough with decent specs? Or maybe Surface Book 2? Have also been looking at Dell XPS 2in1

The Surface Book has a better graphics card which could be of benefit if you do any gaming or 3D rendering, but the Surface Pro has a newer/faster processor. Minimum specs I recommend either way (you can configure it how you want):

  • Intel i5 processor if not an i7. The i3’s suck hard from my personal experience no matter how much RAM you give it…
  • 8GB RAM, preferably 16GB
  • 500GB Hard Drive or Solid State Drive (solid state is infinitely faster due to no moving parts and far safer because of it, however costs more)

Thanks so much! That’s a massive help! I really appreciate it!

I’ll stress the importance of 16GB of RAM as opposed to 8. Eight will get you by, but once you open a couple of Adobe apps, an email client and a browser, things will start dragging. Looking down the road over just the next two or three years, I think 32GB will become the norm for graphic design. I have 16GB is all the machines I work on, and there are times I wish I had more. My next computer will definitely have 32.

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why not on Windows 10?

Windows 10 is an OS, not a laptop.

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