New Logo for Game Show Network

Old logo (2015) and new logo (2018).

The GNS brand and new logo came to the air in 2015, in an effort to shorten the title and expand the programming on the cable channel. Game Show Network changed its name to GSN back in 2004 to expand it’s programming beyond game shows. It is officially, Game Show Network again with the release of it’s newest logo (right), which was released October 1, 2018.

One-color version of new logo.

Source: BrandNew

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Probably a step in the right direction considering their previous logo.
But this is a great example of why you shouldn’t design a logo with accent colors that touch each other. That one color version is not really the same logo

Not to mention, the new logo is 4 color. Five if you count white.

It looks like straight up five colors since the “white” of the letters looks more like a light cream color.

There’s a game show network?

Yeah, it’s American cable channel, started in 1994.

Even before seeing the monochrome version, I felt like this looked too similar to Cartoon Network’s original logo.

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It sorta does. After a fashion.

‘Show’ and ‘Network’ now seem to be have a special relation by their color. Was that on purpose? I would say a connection between ‘Game’ and ‘Show’ would make more sense (so use some red-tints in ‘show’ as well), but I might be wrong? Overal I think the logo already is an improvement!

New one looks really nice, and black and white format can be use on t-shirts. Color choosing and font, made this logo so nice to look.

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