New logo for skeye design

What do you think? Doing it in bw and color tomorrow

I think we’d like to know more about your project, since graphic design is based all around context. :slight_smile:

Are you a student? Is this a school project? Or are you a new or practicing designer? Or an employee who offered to design a new logo for the company?

Who’s the client? What’s their business, what’s the goal for the logo? Etc. Talk to us. :slight_smile:

As DocPixel said, some more info would be helpful.

That said, my general impression is that you’re trying to do too much. You have the business name, what looks to be an aperture-type graphic, a sun, an eye, and clouds all rolled into one logo. That’s a lot. Think about ways to simplify.

It’s for a web based portfolio I’m designing in the next few days. I’ll be making a JavaScript portfolio viewer. The website well be for myself. This is a drawing but I will do one in photoshop or gimp soon and post it up.

Yeah I am a student. I’m getting my web design certificate and becoming a freelancer on fiverr for now. That will help me pay for college down the road, I’ll be paying back the government.

Any way, I am going to lease part of the Adobe creative cloud like I used to. At that point I’ll be making my logo in illustrator.

I’ll respectfully suggest that you ask a different question than about a logo.

The odds are very, very low that either a web design certificate or fiverr will make you any money. With only a certificate you’ll be competing against degreed designers, and on online sites like fiverr, you’ll be competing against off-shore individuals who will design for really super cheap.

So I suggest you ask us how to get web designer training that will enable you to earn income. Because truthfully, the certificate/fiverr plan is an non-starter.

Instead of working on sketching out a logo, maybe spend the time researching how best to get an education that will take you somewhere.

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