New monitor on a 200€ budget


I am looking to buy a monitor in the range of the 200€ for general graphic design and web design.

I’ve been doing some research and got to the conclusion that, among other specs, it is very important to look for a high resolution monitor and a one that covers Adobe RGB color profile and sRGB.

That sounds easy, right? but to find a monitor with a higher resolution than 1920 x 1080 px and with good Adobe RGB coverage in that range of 200€ is nearly impossible (actually impossible).

So my question is what would be a better decision, to sacrifice the higher resolution and get a monitor with 100% Adobe RGB coverage or the other way around?

I hope you can give me a hand here. I am quite new and am a bit lost.

Thank you in advance.

Have a great week!

What are you doing with this monitor and why would you need 100% Adobe RGB?
I’d go for size and resolution rather than worry about Adobe RGB, unless you are producing videos or web based stuff that needs the RGB gamut. Print work, the CMYK gamut will be less than your monitor’s RGB gamut (often, not always.) You can calibrate up to a point. But eventually you learn to work with it. The two monitors I have aren’t particularly good quality and they still cost over $250US each. But they’re 27" diagonals. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answer!

I need this monitor, mainly, for web design and graphic design (Ai, Ps, Xd, etc). I am also designing some printables for some projects (packaging, stickers, etc.).

I am quite new in this world and know very little about graphic design tools. I stared designing in my laptop and I now must buy my first monitor.

Of course I started my research on “best monitors on budget” in Google and got overwhelmed with all the information, specs, definitions and so on.

Among all that info I retained a few specs that seemed to be in the category of “must haves” for your monitor, AdobeRGB was one of them.

Anyways, thanks to your answer and someone else’s I decided to go for the BenQ BL2420PT.

Thank you again!

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