New Petco logo

The new Petco logo isn’t getting good reviews.

I think their old logo could have used some tweaks, but it seems their redo threw away what works, kept what didn’t work, then tweaked the typography to make it look as unfriendly, uninviting and as unpet-like as possible.


Well it did go from 3-color to 1-color. And if that is black even better for them.

But yeah…can’t fix stupid

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… “sigh”

I will say the guys comments on the right are pretty terrifying. I mean, I know it is most likely “internet bluster”, but threatening to burn their store down because of a logo change is IMO, the sad state that we are in.


Yeah, over-the-top bluster or not, those are the kinds of comments that cause the police to show up at one’s door.

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People have lost their minds … or maybe they never had them. :flushed:

It always amazes and saddens me to see how people get worked up over things that have zero affect on their lives.

The new logo does nothing for me, but it certainly isn’t violence inducing either.


Pretty severe comments.

I understand the logo change, Petco with a dog and a cat - people would assume that’s all they cater for.

Petco as a wordmark leaves it open for interpretation and can build imagery around it.
I’d like to see the full branding book for this.

I’d assume they have icons/imagery for all different types of pets and things like that.

Anyway - found this in their Press Kit

It doesn’t look that bad.

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Ha ha ha :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
The new branding still has the old logo in it’s website somewhere… sure it will change soon :slight_smile:

Was not familiar with Petco or what they do when I initially saw the logo and my first impression was that maybe they’re a wholesale supplier of pet products and that their clients are other pet-related business, I think that would make sense. It’s all very corporate-like for a business selling direct to consumers.

Obviously they are trying to simplify with the rebrand, I just don’t know why they wouldn’t just drop the animals mark and retain the rest.

In my world, PET is a type of plastic. Maybe they sell plastic sheeting now.


Samsonhorton is morally offended, so I guess that makes me OK with the new design :joy:

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Samsonhorton needs to adjust his meds.
I can’t get that worked up over a logo.


The name ‘PETCO’ already sounded super corporate. Removing the dog and cat and modifying Century Gothic as your logo just makes it more so. Congrats Petco, you’ve upgraded your image to appeal to everyone.

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Or no one


This new style is cool, however, more creative thinking could’ve been done to consider modernising the cat & dog on the new logo. Such a shame, but still clean and modern in my option.

It’s clean and corporate. Pets are fun. Pet stores are fun. Or not.
I frequent a local non-chain pet store. They need my money more.

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Oof yea not a fan. I agree with @terzdesign that the name has always been corporate sounding… so I didn’t care for it. Having the dog and cat in the logo was unique and cute which helped to balance out the corporate feel. But now, oh man. Full corporate.

@Smurf2 Thank you for supplying the Fact Sheets link. After quickly clicking through it feels like they are trying to market themselves as Health and Wellness . They literally have it as part of their logo on that page. Plus the color scheme is white and blues everywhere. With this in mind I guess I see why they wanted a logo change and now have some insight to the thought process behind it… but I still feel their final product is inappropriately cold.

Why can’t they add a fish or a lizard in addition to the dog and cat? If it was simplified and modern enough it would be fine.

I really disagree with clients who suggest that their logos ought to be visual portrayals of what they sell. I could be wrong, but I think the cat and dog logo, when combined with the the name, said pets in general — dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, iguanas, guinea pigs and whatever else they sell supplies for.

This new logo suggests nothing but sterile, lifeless coldness — the exact opposite of what a retail store catering to animal lovers should be.

I see!

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