New Position is Going Well

I’m not sure if I’m lucky, have great timing, or i’m really good at demonstrating digital presses.
In the three weeks i’ve been employed, I’ve closed (or assisted a close) on roughly $200,000.00 in sales.

That’s no typo. 200k.


At Straight-8 that’d be a really nice commission, and just before Christmas too.

It’s always a good selling point when the sales rep/tech knows what they are talking about and can offer follow up tech support after the sale. That is a huge plus for the company you work for.

Good on ya, Biggs! Keep it going.

Congratulations Biggs! :grinning:

It will be a considerable commission. More so however for the direct sales rep of each sale.
I guess I should explain. I made it seem like I was the account manager who prospected the deal.

I was in fact hired as an account rep, but given my superior production, operation, color science, and graphics experience i was quickly promoted to the “Print Production Specialist for Major Accounts”. I make commission based on the success of the team, and make additional funds based on my involvement in the sale.

I took this position knowing it would be a less commission per sale (our senior major account rep turned this position down. He’s a master at what he does, and would certainly make more money selling) but I, am not a salesman. I have zero experience cold calling, and much to my surprise, i’m told selling the hardware is ineffective. So my go-to approach was immediately discredited. I saw this position as opportunity to use my skills and make more consistent commission.

Together with our top salesman, we proved a phenomenal team. He roped them in, and I “wowed” them in the live demonstration. I can’t do what he does. He can’t do what I do.

A match made in heaven!

That is awesome!!! Way to go Biggs!!! :slight_smile:


Spent the entire week at the Canon Factory Facility. Learned a ton from their engineers and color scientists.
My employer payed for me to be there of course.

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Was that week spent in Japan?

Japan? Man, I wish. There’s a facility where parts and shells are manufactured and stored in Jamesburg, NJ.
If you close your eyes, and think reeeealy hard, you can almost pretend its Japan.

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Congrats Biggs

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