New to Zazzle - Anyone share a common frustration?

I think I tried the site in the past and made one product that didn’t post successfully. Now I’ve made just a couple more but I’m still having technical issues getting the products to the right “store” - As I’ve accidentally made two now. Has anyone posting to Zazzle had a similar frustration? Or is this simply a stupid UE - I’ll admit to it.

Now the only products showing up are 2 that I’d abandoned just trying to tinker with the sites editor.

There is no content when I click that link and none when I click on collections either. I’m not sure what you are seeing … but the only thing I see is your banner at the top.

It shows something when I am logged in, and then shows the products I wanted in the recently viewed. It says my designs are for sale - but as you can see they are clearly not - so where/who is selling them now? As much as I feel awkward admitting it, I hope it is just a UE… But - despite that note and the many, many, profiles I see and portfolios - I’m not too happy with the lack of QC. There is nothing on Zazzle and even similars stopping users from posting badly pixelated photos.

Like RKK said, there is nothing there except your banner.
Try refreshing your browser.

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Only thing else I can think of is it’s a publishing problem. You can see everything you upload but we can’t until you go live with it. Again, I’ve never used Zazzle so I’m not sure of it’s quirks :wink:

I dabbled in Zazzle a long time back, but only set up a few items in a private store. I do recall the store setup and item visibility stuff being tricky and easy to get wrong, but without going back through it all now, I wouldn’t be in a position to advise on troubleshooting. As you keep trying to figure it out, just be sure you’re examining everything on your screen. I seem to remember stumbling across some features and settings by accident. IOW, you may be missing something that’s not readily obvious.

The zazzle forums might give you better feedback.

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