New Uber Logo

Anyone else think that Uber’s new logo is… boring?

I actually liked the old logo because it was instantly recognizable… I wonder why they waited so long to change it. You’d think they would change it in the early stages before it was such a well known mark.

I liked the previous logo. I don’t like this one at all. It’s plain, boring, unimaginative, unmemorable and weak.

The worst part, however, isn’t the looks; it’s that this is the second major overhaul of their branding in just the last three years. It’s as though they’re oblivious to brand equity and the importance of visual consistency.

It’s difficult to deny Uber’s successes, but they’ve also made more than their share of ignorant blunders. This logo change being just more evidence that the company seems to be run by an upper management composed of amateurs.

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I had to look for it … I have to say I’m confused :confused: I get the U of Uber in the old one … what does a backwards C have to do with anything??

**removed pic … it was an old revamp :wink:

According to the CEO … he worked on this new look… That explains a lot LOLOL :smiley:

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Is that the new one? I thought it was this:

Well now I’m not sure … I looked up old and new uber logo and that’s what I got lol :smiley:

I believe you are right Ben … mine was from 2016 it appears. Goes to show how much I follow Uber lol :wink:

And this also is a great example of the downside in changing one’s logo every year or two — it confuses everyone.

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Is that helvetica?? :smile:. It’s the perfect logo! Well met!

Supposedly, it’s four letters from a custom typeface called Uber Move by MCKL Type Foundry. I think it would have been easier and cheaper for them to have just used Avant Garde.

Anyway, their new branding — beyond the typeface, I guess — was done by Wolf Olins — the same person who designed the infamously unsightly 2012 London Olympics logo. I have no idea why he made a lowercase u into the cap that begins the word. Ughh.

i think older one was better than new one.

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