New user - question about proofing

Hi my name is Molly,
I’m happy to find it form. I hope someone can help.
So I imported a list of names, numbers & websites from an Excel doc into an InDesign doc.

I’m done designing the InDesign layout and formatting the names, numbers & websites. Now all I want to do is proof my InDesign layout and make sure the info matches the info from the Excel doc.

Since the info is not actual words, I can’t use the regular spell check. Just trying to figure out a computer short cut rather than relying on old school visual proofing. Especially since I am pretty dyslexic when it come to numbers, etc.

Thanks!! Molly

There’s a number of text comparison tools on the internet. Load your pdf on one side and the excel file on the other side. And it can compare the text.

Smurf2 you saved me. Thank you!!!

If you can get Speech going, to read out the data in either your InDesign file or your Excel file and read along on the other.


It might be a bit tedious - but you could probably export the InDesign file as a PDF and use the “Find” tool in your PDF viewer to search the names, numbers and websites from your excel file.

Are you using the variable data capabilities of Indesign? As long as your fields are set up right, the software reads the info from the Excel doc and only a spot check should be necessary.

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Acrobat can do that if you save the xls and the indd as pdf, right?
(check only text in the file comparison dialogue)

Sorta - but not the same thing at all.