New Yahoo! logo by Pentagram

Created by Pentagram, it’s the company’s third new logo in 10 years—and hopefully a true fresh start.

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I’ve never met anyone who uses Yahoo. I like the logo but they might be running a bit behind the facts though with their new design.

That 1996 one :laughing: brings back memories

I had a Yahoo credit card when they first came out. The psychedelic purple one. They had stupid low interest rates for the longest time. I always liked handing that to cashiers. They always laughed.
This new logo doesn’t inspire any kind of laugh.

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Now you have lol … I used it for many years before Google took over the internoobs :wink:

I started out on … gasp***** AOL


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Nice to meet you :no_mouth: oh I remember AOL. Never used it though.

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This logo is looking so different than the previous logos. It is going to interesting to see what they are going to do. The logo looks nice and clean.:slightly_smiling_face:

The 2009’s redesign is so different from 1996’s logo :rofl: Everything new is well-forgotten old :grinning:

Verizon emails are now all AOL, never used them before 2019. lol.
I used to use AltaVista as web browser, damn proud.
And I still like the Y in a circle one best.

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Yahoo meant a lot to the early days of the web, but today it’s a shell of it’s former self. It blew my mind that Alexa rankings said that Yahoo is still within the top 10 most visited websites online… which I think is largely due to some ISPs making it a default homepage for customers.

The new logo looks great, but it does lack the personality of the classic 1996 logo. The way they kept the slanted explanation point is obviously a nod to the original.

Yahoo still hosts a crap ton of emails too.

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