New York Creative Studios - Massive list

Hi all,
I’m a graphic designer and recently started a site that curates the best creative studios in NYC called Legwrk. It’s a free site meant for creatives, students, and businesses alike to find creative partners, inspiration, and work. I add new studios every week, and feature a few studios a each week on instagram. @hey_legwrk


I curated my lunch today. I put a slice of ham in between two slices of white bread.


Nice idea:

Just change the default sorting method from random to alphabetical.

Could someone please allow him to put a link to his site in the opening post?

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The forum has a rule prohibiting advertising. I let the original ad slide by since it was at least relevant to graphic design and might be of interest. Even so, I’m not inclined to boost the posting privileges of anyone who ignores the forum rules on their first post.

I didn’t mean to step on any toes, just wanted to share a resource knowing it might be useful for people looking for more inspiration and such. Happy to be a part of the gdf community!


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