Newbie Hello

Hi all,

I’m a business owner (HVAC contractor) in Ottawa, Canada, but I’ve always had an interest in graphic design. Just here to learn what I can when I have time available. Thank goodness that HVAC is an essential service or I would have “too much” time on my hands. Still have to put food on the table you know.

Looking forward to learning here in this community.

Bryan Holt

Welcome to the forum, Holtbryan. It’s good to have you here.

You’re a bit luckier than some of us. Graphic design is not listed as an essential service and many of us have way too much time on our hands now. For that matter, in any kind of economic downturn, marketing budgets are just about the first thing companies tend to cut. :frowning_face:

Welcome Bryan! I’m a newbie too, and coincidentally… I’ve worked in HVAC too! Hehehe.

Good to have you fella.

Hi there, I am new here too!

Hi, I am the new user.

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