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I’ve been designing a magazine/newsletter for my historical society (example here - Although I intended it to be pdf-only they wanted it to be printable, which complicates things.

At the moment it’s just what they want, so the client’s happy, but I’d be interested in ideas to improve the design and I wondered if you could point me in the direction of any good newsletter/magazine designs which I might incorporate, or even do a redesign.

Sorry if I’ve got the wrong forum - I didn’t see anything more specific. Thanks in advance.

i skimmed through the pages and did not see anything amateurish, i would be happy and do something thing differently the next project. the graphic are good, people are looking away from the text but what do tyou do? if they are happy, thats good!
David Bowie mentioned that artist should take risks gradually to grow, this is a great example of his message.

They should be able to print a PDF, printing isnt my area of expertise.
I’ve noticed alot of the images have a 1pt stroke around them, i’d probably get rid of that. The layout seems pretty decent, and this would be something i expect of a historical society.
around pages 30-32 you have graphs and some of the type comes pretty close to the border of that chart.

As long as you have bleeds for any page that has a photo or graphic going off the edge of the page, and as long as your graphics are high-res enough to print, you should be fine. It looks to be 44 pages, which is also what you need (saddle-stitched print outs need to be in multiples of 4, unless you print it as perfect bound, which with 40 or more pages should work as well.)

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Thanks guys, much appreciated - maybe I should have said that I’ve just produced the sixth one so all the bleed, image size, etc. points have been sorted out.

It was ideas for the design/presentation which I was hoping for - not that there’s much I can do, really - they’re a pretty staid lot! But Now I’ve done half a dozen I can perhaps justify a gentle redesign. So, if any of you know somewhere I can look for inspiration (eg.;[]=magazine|typed) I’ll be grateful.

To reverse body-text-sized cutlines out of a black background is not helping readability.

This may be a good resource for magazine/newsletter design. That’s not to say that everything at that link is perfect, but it may be good to poke around for ideas and inspiration.

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