NFT social engineering scam or investing delusion?

I dont have some good opinion about the NFT hype, somehow looks just like bait for greater digital-economy-engagement of boomers, as all the crypto realm too tho the trading spin would be for laundering the current grey and black market money so would be ready for the next full-digital-economy, but in case of nft’s can hook even teens or poor people thus far more hilarious skim in my opinion!, still I would like to hear some thoughts what would be good practice if any has some experience!

Now also the possibility for A.I. stacks guess messes up heavy that market, and not sure even if its allowed such NightCafeStudio alike drops!?

Also can someone recommend some good comparison between OpenSea and all the rest nft joints, also is it now good time to dive in coz cryptos are in crisis thus potentially it would be good investment at least in spare time to upload all the dropped freelance work, but not sure whether its more effective to go with minting or whole peace upload!?