No luck finding the Starlight Express logo font

Tried all the Font ID generators, and nothing. It might be custom, but before I hand-letter, I thought I’d drop it here.


I have a feeling it’s custom. There are a couple fonts with similarities. But, no exact matches that I can find either.

Black Future Modern Futuristic Font


Nouveau To Go JNL

I doubt that helps much though :wink:


Man, that is tough. Especially if RKK can’t find it. It probably is modified or hand done, but another “close-ish” font is Cognac but there is no oblique/italic version that I could find.


I’ve also noticed that the two Rs are different, not just one being more squished, but the first R the leg joint forms a triangle, the second R, the leg joint does not. So, most likely custom or at least modified.

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This logo dates back to 1984, so I’m reasonably sure it was hand-done and airbrushed at the beginning.

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