Nobody told me I could have this

Heading on 6 months with my prosthetic leg…My prosthetist was holding out on me…


Gallows humor…Does that qualify as a sawed off shotgun?

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I want to say “no” on that PD.
I would have to say it’s a rifle. Bolt action, single shot rifle.

It MAY even qualify as an oversized pistol of sorts, considering the lock mechanism.

And willy, I’m sure you could get a modern equivalent that would be highly functioning as both a firearm AND a working prosthetic. Also highly illegal, I’m sure, but ehhh… I won’t tell. And no one has to know.

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A prosthetic leg made from a functioning flint-lock rifle. That is really weird.

Another really weird thing is that I watched this video yesterday at a hotel in California before heading back home to Salt Lake through Las Vegas today. I made a wrong turn just outside of Las Vegas and, totally by accident, ended up at the very shooting range they were at — the Pro Gun Club just southwest of Boulder City, Nevada.

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That’s cool

Not an expert, but I would read the small print on your Concealed Carry Permit VERY carefully. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Looks like it’s an arm and a leg.

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