Noise/grain background

Someone know how to make noise/grain color background like this?


If you are using Photoshop it’s pretty easy.

Filter > Noise > Add Noise (choose what settings make you happy) There may be a hint of a “blur” going on there as well :wink:


Setting I chose:



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Ty for your answer.
I know how to use noise tool, i want to know how to make that beautiful noise between colors fade, it’s not about using only the noise tool unfortunately

Apply the noise on a separate mask layer and then adjust the noise. You can use the median or the gaussian blur to adjust the noise.

I don’t think the noise fades. The color changes.

Perhaps by “fade” the OP means different degrees of change in applying the noise effect.

If the noise is on a separate layer, the variance in contrast can be adjusted “faded” with varying degrees of transparency. The variance in color can be adjusted with different modes of color blending. If the noise is a mask on a separate color overlay layer, the colors can also be adjusted by spot painting different colors on that layer instead of masking a single color layer.


Add a layer above, fill it with white. Add monochrome noise and set the layer’s blend mode to Multiply (other modes also work, and may offer more/less desirable results).

Add a layer mask and apply fades with a soft brush and/or selective gradients.

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