Noob question - how to change this bkgd color?

Hi all,

My first post here and I’m hoping it’s an easy one for someone far more experienced than I. I would like to change the background of this image from the off-white it is now to purely white (but retain the other color as much as possible). I am using Pixlr and I hope it’s something I could do in there simply enough.

Thanks in advance!
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I doubt anyone here is familiar with Pixlr. I had to look it up myself. It’s a very basic online photo toner. I could find no way to isolate the background to treat it independently from the foreground objects. Now if this were Photoshop or another more full-featured photo editor, what you’re asking about would be much easier.

I neglected to say I do have GIMP as well, if it would be possible/easier to do in that.

I don’t use GIMP either, so I just downloaded it to see.

Click the foreground color box and make sure the color is set to white. I’ve circled it in red.


Choose the magic wand icon in the toolbar (it’s between the lasso and cropping icons).


When you select it, a set of options will appear beneath the tools. You can fine-tune what the magic wand tool will select if you need to.


Using the magic wand cursor that should be active after clicking the icon, click somewhere in the background of the image you’re asking about. This will select that entire area.

Head up to the main menu (I’m on a Macintosh. If you’re using Windows, there might be small differences.) Choose Edit > Fill with FG color. This will color the selected area with whatever color your foreground color is, which should be white.


This works. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer this for me :pray:

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