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So I keep getting these ads for images in the sidebars of this site (I don’t have them completely blocked on purpose)
There is one ad for a stock image site. I think it’s a stock image site.
I don’t recognize the logo but they don’t put their name in the ad.
Hovering produces a mile long Googlead link that I don’t necessarily ever want to click (once burned twice shy on clicking sidebar ads…)

Google reverse image search doesn’t recognize it either.
Which makes me laugh. out. loud.

Who is it? Would you recognize that as the letter “o” in the Shutterstock logo?
LOL! Their branding is not all that commonly recognized. Maybe someone should tell them.

Sure looks like Shutterstock to me.

Shutterstock flaticon

Ok, so it’s a phone app icon or something?

I had considered myself fairly “up” on various logos in the industry, but that one stumped me, and google, for a good 15 minutes. Goog finally snagged one of those freepik things and even that made me wonder about the availability of a corporate icon on such a site. Times, they are a changin’ I guess.
(le sigh)

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