Not sure what program I need to create these in?

Below are the export/delivery specs from the client…I’m a graphic designer and a complete novice in regard to creating motion graphics so I’m out of my wheelhouse with this project. The graphics will be various simple logo animations (ex. having the logo repeating and moving up the screen).

It’s been a very long time since I’ve worked in Adobe After Effects. I currently only know how to create simple gif animations in Photoshop’s Timeline however I’m not sure I can use that for this project.

Looking at the export/delivery specs below, what program will I need to create these graphics in?

export:delivery specs

No, not a chance.

They’re giving you detailed specifications for everything from codecs to frame rates to duplicates to storage media — all to ensure the highest quality possible and used by major production companies. They’re also leaving out other needed details unless, of course, you left them out here.

Their specs seem a bit over-the-top for what you’re describing as a simple animation of a logo moving from here to there. After Effects can export directly to Apple ProRes 4444, but the rest of what they want veers off into things that few graphic designers outside the video industry would know about or ever deal directly with.

Since you’re a self-described novice at this sort of thing, but might be able to handle After Effects, maybe you ought to tell them that you can send them the original After Effects file, but exporting and storing to their specs isn’t part of the services you offer.

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Got it. That gives me a much better understanding of what I’m dealing with here, thanks.