Off-page SEO query for quality backlinks?

I have worked with the basic task of off-page SEO, like Social Bookmarking, Directory Submission, Article Submission, blog posting, blog commenting, PDF sharing and many more…but I am not getting the expected results from these…

For getting the traffic is this the right way or not ? Are these off page techniques beneficial or not?

Please share your experience


These are helpful to rank up a site and get more traffic. But if you need any client query on these days then you must have to pay some bucks for your site. By paying method messages can be spread very quickly so there is a lots of chances to get query.

What kinds of paid search rank boosting services are you suggesting he purchase? I can’t think of any that actually work (other than buying a top spot from Google). Most other risk lowering one’s rankings (Google isn’t stupid).

Perhaps I’m missing something, though.

If you don’t run any ppc or boosting on facebook then how you get your expected query on these days. If it happen then its very rare.

The off page techniques that you mentioned above are beneficial for getting the traffic. It also helps to increase page rank, website position in SERP etc.

Sorry for late reply.
Definitely I need client queries., Could you please suggest me about paid services?

You can run ppc on google adword and facebook is very big platform to get clients so boosting is very effective. And if you have enough time then you can use LinkedIn ad but it’s price is higher than others.

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You will get backlinks by doing those mentioned activities. You can concentrate on few additional activities to rank well.

  • Do on-page optimization properly
  • Add/Modify proper content
  • Do Guest Posting
  • Create backlinks with target keywords as Anchor texts
  • Answer in your business related questions in Quora
  • Do content curation

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I working on these points…

Yes, these Off-Page techniques are beneficial but you’ll have to do other tasks for Off-Page
optimization also. For powerful backlinks, you must perform Guest Blogging, highly quality article submission, infographics sharing, video uploading on Youtube and Dailymotion, Webmaster/SEO forum posting and so on.
I do all these things and my keywords have ranked on Search Engine First Pages.

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Every blog and website needs proper marketing because advertisement is the only way to connect to a large number of potential users. I think that seo company Los Angeles is working in a good way to increase our traffic. I would like to recommend their services to others as well.

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Thanks for the all suggestions…:blush:

For the expected results, Try doing forum submissions, q&a sites, ppt’s and go with Paid marketing like running ad campaigns, pay per click campaigns, social media marketing for the bulk reach and for the best results.

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