Offer a illustration creation service to some company

Hello there,

Thank you if give me a chance to all of you great illustrator or graphic designer in this world.
I’m the amateur illustrator from Indonesia who just graduated from visual communication design. For now i’m still work in house to be a freelancer illustrator, but for now i dont have some jobs to work. I have mind to offer my illustration service to some companies who need illustrator ( not regist to be employee but jus work by project ). But i never learn how to offer my illustration service with good way, correctly and interestingly. So i come to here to ask some question, especially everybody, illlustrator or graphic designer, who have success offer your illustration or graphic design service to some companies.

  1. what should i prepare to offer my illustration service for them ( some company ) ?
  2. how do I offer my services to several companies ?
  3. how make it look interesting for them ?
  4. How do I look like an amateur?
    i hope you have a kind heart to help me solve this problem, your answer is very help me. So you can share everything your experiences about this case. Thank you, have a nice day all : )

Do you have a portfolio of your illustration work? That would be a good starting point. If you only have student work in there, that is OK. Don’t be afraid to re-work student work if you think you can do it better now.

If you like, you can post a link to individual illustration pieces to The Crit Pit if you would like other members to give you advice.

Hello Buda,

Thanks for answer this topic. For my portfolio, i have some portfolio that i worked for some clothing company and i think i hesitant to rework my college artwork because i rarely made them seriously. I’m focus on my job when i was still in college. But my point from this topic is how to offer my illustration service to some companies who have good potential to give me a good job for me. Because i never get the knowledge from my college to promote and offer our talent, skill, and knowledge to some companies. i just confuse how make them interest with my work and give me some jobs again and over again. And my final question is how do you create your brand image on social media that make some companies interest with your work ?

thanks Buda for your answer

First of all, you have to identify who your target market is. This might be a generic statement like “restaurants in Samarinda” or it might be a specific list of companies that you want to reach out to. After that, you need a plan to reach the target market through a strategic mix of marketing communications potentially including but not limited to: formal networking events, informal networking, trade organizations, trade shows, public relations, a web presence, a social media presence, traditional advertising (potentially including but not limited to direct mail, broadcast, and out of home), online advertising, SEO, cold calling, third party websites, and referrals. Oh, and you have to do great work and have a great reputation.

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To be honest, it doesn’t sound like you are ready take on clients yet. Clients want to see what you can do before paying you to do their work. Keep working on your portfolio. Develop a style.

If you are going to use social media as a place to drum up business, start posting relevant content there.

My husband is an illustrator and uses social media to get clients. His work is very niche. It is important to have a unique style. A client might not be able to hire you for every illustration job but it should be clear what types of illustrator you are.