Official blue pantone for this kind of signs?

Hello, my boss wanted me to use the official blue Pantone for this sign, CMYK palette and I do not have any idea about what is that color!

I am tracing with Corel Draw X8

Any help is moire than welcome


I think what’s official likely depends on which country you live in and whether or not there are official signage standards for medical-related highway/traffic signs.

In the U.S., the Dept. of Transportation says it doesn’t use the Pantone system for signage, but they specify Pantone 294 for printed material. The British National Health Service specifies Pantone 300, which is probably closer to the example you posted. What is used in Mexico, I just don’t know.

There are a few forum members here who work more with signage than I do, so perhaps they will know more than I do.

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We Mexican use the same colors as USA so Pantone 294 is ok

Thank you very much!