On Instagram why can't I find the plus Sign?

I am using a Mac and wanted to have an option to post on Instagram via my Mac.
I have two Instagram accounts and am confused why I have different icons for each of them?
Any help would be much appreciated.

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As far as I know, you can only post on Instagram using a mobile device.
You cannot use a desktop browser.

I use websites to post from a computer.
You can connect 2 of your your social media and save drafts, plan your posts or post them immediately. I use Hootsuit, cause it’s so far the best in free mode.

Hootsuite sounds great. But it’s only free for 30 days :(.
Thank you for the advice though.

You can post from your computer too. On one of my Insta account, I can so I don’t understand why the other one won’t let me. Strange.

I’ve never been able to post from a PC only my phone.

I did see recently that Instagram is slowly rolling out a feature for Mac and PC to allow this. But, only to a very few.

I’ve also seen a few so called ways of “tricking” your PC into thinking it’s a mobile device. That has never worked either LOL.

So I guess if you can post from your desktop to IG you’ve been lucky. No one I know has that ability. Hopefully that’s going to change though :wink:

And here I thought Instagram looked at my birthday and said, “Nope, too old.” click.
(Can’t sign up on a laptop, IOW.)

It’s possible to post directly from a desktop browser (Mac or Windows), but it involves setting up the browser to emulate a mobile device. This tricks Instagram into thinking it has a mobile phone accessing their site. This isn’t hard to do once you know how.

This is pretty much how social media managers do it when working on a desktop machine. I used to need to do it this way when managing the social media accounts of the college where I worked for a few months.

Just looked up a how-to reference…

As for the subject the Noortje was asking about, I don’t have a clue. Sorry.

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^^^ That’s one of the tricks I was referring to and has never worked with my set up. In theory it works with TikTok as well. And again … no go for my system. It just makes it smaller but doesn’t add any of the mobile options.


I believe it’s because Instagram want you to post when out and about.

Not say at a computer.

There is a free version somewhere. You can get there via google.
Else its only for the Dutch version, sorry.

@atjgraphics - Just a quick FYI …

The ability to upload from the PC that I mentioned has been “rolled out” to me. So I’m sure others have it now as well. Check and see if you are able to upload easily now. I just tried it from my desktop and it worked fine.


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