One big monitor or duel monitors

I just got the new Macbook Pro. Wondering if I want to try and hook it up two 24" Acer external monitors (what I’m used to) or just purchase a one larger monitor

If you can get the same amount of screen space with one monitor, I’d opt for that. It’s less of a hassle. If you need more screen space, you can always use your laptop screen as a 2nd monitor. The only reason to have 2 externals is if you need lots of horizontal space and not much vertical space.

I have my Macbook Pro connected up to a 30-inch monitor and it works just fine. I’d rather have that than a couple of 24-inchers. While using it, I still have my Macbook Pro monitor open and use it for miscellaneous things (like this forum) as I’m working on the large display.

What would you be doing with it?Like designzombie said, if you need more horizontal real estate(like for FCPX or Premiere) I’d go for two. Otherwise one large monitor should suffice, as your MacBook can act as a second monitor, like Mr-B said :slight_smile:

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